Rain Water Harvesting

There are both environmental and economic reasons to harvest the rain water from our houses.

The water is natural and has not been through modern cleaning technines and is therefore better for the garden
Water is free
We are putting a valuable resource back into nature therefore helping to  Preserve our environment.

We stock a wide variety of fittings and pipe that may be required to install a complete rainwater harvesting system. However due to the size and range of tanks available we would have these delivered direct to site from our supplier.
When harvesting rain water it is essential that the water is filtered from any debris that could cause problems with the irrigation system, we stock a range of filters suitable for this purpose.
We have developed a basic system suitable for the watering of hanging baskets/tubs. The system comprises of –

190 litre water butt and stand
Twin tap connection point
Submersible pump
Timer – (optional)

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