Drips And Trickle

Soak Hose

A pourus or leaky pipe that will emit water along its length (care must be taken over run lengths). This type of irrigation is commonly used to establish a hedge line or annual bedding. On occasions it may be used under small areas of lawn, however care must be taken when installing

Pressure compensating hose

A pipe that has the drippers installed along its length at pre set intervals. This type of irrigation is commonly used when the ground undulates, as it will emit the same amount of water through each dripper.

Drip irrigation

Without a doubt this is the most effective – environmentally friendly and cost affective type of irrigation. The water is directly placed at the base of the plant or next to the roots below ground level.

There are several types of drippers used on drip irrigation: -

Standard 2 litre button drippers – available up to 8 litres
Pressure compensating drippers – same as above but pressure Compensating
End of line drippers
Drippers on stakes – stake allows water to travel down in to the soil
Drippers on manifold system
Controllable octodrippers 0 – 30 litres hour

The Octodripper is the most common as it can be controlled; this allows it to be used on the same irrigation line where the plants/hanging baskets/tubs/growing crops have varying demands.

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